The CIS Advantage

Chilton provides the flexibility of a boutique firm and allows for direct interaction with our investment professionals

Headquartered in New York City, Chilton Investment Services (“CIS”) is a Delaware limited liability company, which was formed by Chilton Investment Company, serves as investment manager for Chilton Trust Company, and is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission as an investment adviser.

Our competitive advantages include:

Seasoned Team of Investment Professionals
  • Managers who have experienced multiple market cycles
  • Direct access to your portfolio management team for ongoing consultation & review

Active Management
  • Taking advantage of market inefficiencies to maximize after-tax total return
  • Benchmark aware but not benchmark driven

  • Ability to transition existing portfolios
  • Bespoke portfolio management tailored for client’s investment needs and guidelines

Credit Research
  • Our process culminates in assigning our own internal rating
  • In-house research team provides continuous monitoring

Crossover Capabilities
  • Flexibility to invest in both tax-advantaged and taxable fixed income sectors as market opportunities arise

Market Access
  • Covered by over 70 separate capital market counterparties, providing market liquidity and best pricing

  • Separately managed accounts offering position transparency
  • No trade mark-ups and fully transparent pricing for purchases & sales