Fixed Income Strategies

CIS actively manages portfolios offering comprehensive taxable, tax-advantaged and international fixed income capabilities

CIS provides access to a diverse set of actively managed domestic and international fixed income opportunities across the maturity spectrum. Within investment grade fixed income, our strategies span the risk spectrum, offering capital preservation risk-adjusted, after tax total returns.

We would welcome an opportunity to provide additional information on our fixed income investment process and offerings, and we would be pleased to prepare a detailed analysis of your existing fixed income portfolio. Please contact us at:

  Investment Time Horizon  

These capital preservation strategies aim to meet short-term liquidity needs with a targeted duration of less than three years.

  • Short Term Taxable:
  • This strategy can invest in taxable securities: governments, sovereigns, supranationals, corporates, and municipal securities.
  • Short Term Crossover Municipal:
  • This strategy can provide the client with the flexibility ranging from 100% Municipal Bonds to a blend of Munis and Corporates customized to achieve diversification and tax-efficiency. The Muni exposure can also be tailored to achieve a “state-specific” skew.

These strategies invest in a range of actively managed securities with a duration of 3-5 years focused on capital preservation.

  • Taxable:
  • This strategy can invest in a range of fixed income securities in the global corporate sector denominated in USD. It can also be customized to diversify across U.S. government, sovereign governments, taxable-municipal securities, supranational, sovereign and regional government agencies and global corporate bonds.
  • Crossover Municipal:
  • This strategy provides the client with the flexibility to blend a portfolio with both tax-advantaged municipal and taxable corporate fixed income securities customized to achieve diversification and tax efficiency. Based on client needs and market conditions it can be 100% municipal bonds and can be offered with state specific skew based on client’s state of residence.

Core Plus
These strategies can invest in developed and developing markets, fixed income and preferred securities with the goal of diversifying exposure.

  • Global Credit Opportunities:
  • The portfolio can include exposure to sovereign and corporate bonds. These bonds may be in U.S. or foreign entities, and the Strategy’s positions may be denominated in both USD and non-USD currencies.
  • Global:
  • The portfolio can include exposure to sovereign government bonds as well as supranationals, global government agencies and global corporate fixed income. Global portfolios can have a range of USD exposure depending on client specifications and can also include protection against the adverse consequences of changes in inflationary expectations.
  • Corporate Plus:
  • This strategy invests primarily in a blend of preferred and corporate securities including some high yield exposure utilizing QDI (Qualified Dividend Investor) or non-QDI preferred securities based on the client’s tax-status.
  • Crossover Plus:
  • This strategy’s objective is to invest in a blend of either state-specific or general market tax-advantaged municipal securities and preferred fixed income securities, customized to achieve diversification and tax efficiency as well as seeking additional yield.